The Soul of Discretion

by Susan Hill

Lest you think that I have read this book in a mere day, let me put the record straight.  I have read the first seven books featuring the detective Simon Serrailler, plus a short e-book that I downloaded on holiday last year.  The eighth title in the series, which I ordered from the library in November, arrived last week and I collected it a week ago but only started it yesterday, having rushed through the Jo Nesbo book for book group.

But although I am only about 80 pages in, the book is living up to its promise, and I think that I can expound here on my response to all Susan Hill’s books in this series.  I was put onto them a couple of years ago by a fellow book group member, a voracious and generally ‘serious’ reader.  Hill is a serious writer, if such a term has any meaning, and although I have not yet read what is undoubtedly her most well-known work, The Woman in Black, I have read or dipped into other work by this author.

The Serrailler series offer the reader a well-developed crime story, backed up by believable characters and a picture of family life and relationships straight out of an Aga saga.  If neither of these genres appeals to you, but you like a story with a bit of tension, some thrills and shocks and a realistic setting, I urge you to give these stories a try.

The latest offering does not disappoint.