In the Tall Grass

by Joe Hill and Stephen King

Joe Hill is Stepehn King’s son. How do you write a short story collaboratively? One suspects that Hill wrote most of it, and King provided editorial input and a name that would ensure sales. Certainly I was convinced – and intrigued- enough to part with 99p.

The story is very much in King’s style, in terms of plot: creepy and gory. It moves along at a good pace. The main characters are lightly deawn but still come to life, and they have a back story as well as an unusually close brother-sister relationship.  The setting is a field alongside a highway through a remote part of Kansas. Could be anywhere, really, and thus the reader’s imagination is set free.

This is a very readable story. Will I be seeking out other works by Joe Hill? I suspect not, or at least, not before I have done more justice to King’s back catalogue.