In the Wolf’s Mouth

by Adam Foulds

I bought this on a recommendation from the bookseller.  I don’t like to browse an independent bookstore without buying something, so when I picked up this title in Alison’s of Tewkesbury I asked the proprietor what he could recommend about it.  He reminded me that Foulds is also a poet (and I suppose I was aware of this, having read his previous novel The Quiet Maze, about an episode in the life of the 19th-century poet John Clare.

In the Wolf’s Mouth is set in Sicily, and the setting comes through vividly.  I have to say that, writing this one month on, I have little recollection of the story.  Even the title – which, with my limited knowledge of Italian, I know to be an expression for wishing someone good luck, akin to “break a leg” –  does not seem to have much context.

I think I may give any future novels by this author a miss.  Perhaps I would look out for his poetry instead.