Thursdays in the Park

by Hilary Boyd

Apparently there is a genre for this type of writing: Gran Lit.  This doesn’t make it sound appealing enough for me to want to read!  I discovered this, however, after I’d downloaded the book.  I imagine I may have been looking for something by William Boyd – an author I’ve only started reading in the past few years, and greatly enjoy and admire.  Well, Hilary’s book came up in the search. It was cheap to download, sounded quite a good read, so I thought I’d give it a try.

Indeed it was a good read.  Not challenging, not as much sex as some reviewers seem to claim for her work (though maybe her other books are different), interesting and in the main likeable characters.  As with books I have read in the Aga Saga genre, the female protagonist seems to be a superwoman, running a business and a home, while performing grandmother duties and being supportive of her daughter.  She still manages to find the time and energy to strike up a relationship with another man.

The tension in the story hangs mainly on the two men in Jeanie’s life: how will her relationship with each develop, and will she find herself reconciled to George even after his dramatic revelation about his past, or will she be more and more drawn to the seemingly perfect (in every way) Ray?  I don’t mean to trivialise the story or demean its writer.  This was a good read, and I expect to enjoy other books by Hilary Boyd.