A Passage to Africa

by George Alagiah

Lent to me by my aunt Wendy, this book was written in the mid-1990s and so you might argue that it is no longer an up to date representation of the situation in many of the African countries described.  But as a picture of Africa overall, presented by someone who grew up there (in Ghana) but whose parents were also outsiders (from Sri Lanka) it stands up well even twenty years on.

Alagiah writes well and comes across as a person of integrity and passion.  His love for African is plain to see, but he is not uncritical.  How could he be, having witnessed and reported on some of the worst horrors in places such as Rwanda, DRC and Zimbabwe?  In spite of the misery and suffering he describes, there is however a thread of hope running through this book.

I devoured this book eagerly, and would recommend it wholeheartedly to anyone wishing to understand a little more of this troubled continent.